How to Protect and Filter your Twitter DMs

How to Protect and Filter your Twitter DMs

How to Protect and Filter your Twitter DMs.

Online harassment is nothing new, and Twitter is no exception. Whether you create an account for political debate, memes or business, this does not guarantee that you will receive unwanted NSFW messages from strangers. Twitter has recognized a growing problem and has come up with several different ways to protect your private emails. However, if you need an extra layer of protection, the Safe DM filter is a good little tool. It filters out unwanted images sent to your private Twitter messages.

What is Safe DM?

Safe DM is an AI based filter developed by twitter user @raeBress. Basically, it scans your private Twitter messages for unwanted images and removes them automatically. Using the filter is absolutely free, you just need to enable it once. After that, it will scan new incoming messages containing images and identify those that might not be requested from strangers. Once identified, the image is deleted and a message is sent to the user that the image has been deleted because it was inappropriate.

Safe DM can access your messages as specified in the app’s terms of use. It also takes several minutes to process and remove unwanted NSFW images.

Enable safe DM filter on your Twitter account

Log into your Twitter account in a web browser. After logging in, go to the Safe DM website and click the “Register” button.

How to Protect and Filter your Twitter DMs

Then click the Sign Up to Start Using Filter button and enter your email address to continue.

How to Protect and Filter your Twitter DMs

After registration, click the “Authorize Application” button to give the filter unlimited access to your private messages. If you do not want to provide access to a third-party application, you can check their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

How to Protect and Filter your Twitter DMs

Once this is done, you will see a status page showing the filter configuration. Your tweets are now filtered.

How to Protect and Filter your Twitter DMs

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Now anyone who starts a discussion with you will see the message “This account is protected by the Safe DM filter.” This should be enough to dissuade them from sending an unwanted image, but even if they do, the filter will automatically remove the image from your thread and display the message ‚ÄúThis image was NSFW. Removed! “Instead of.

The images below are taken from the point of view of the person submitting the nudes.

How to Protect and Filter your Twitter DMs

The image below is from a secure account and you only see the message that the image has been deleted.

How to Protect and Filter your Twitter DMs

Test results

During my brief testing, I tried several test images. These images included NSFW images from the Internet, some original NSFW photos with me, and some reference images. The filter always removed the ones that were NSFW. It’s important to note that the filter removes NSFW images regardless of gender, making it useful for everyone.

The filter is designed to block only images, but it also successfully blocks some NSFW GIF files. I contacted the developers and they have confirmed that some GIFs and videos can only be blocked if they are NSFW. I also noticed that the filter takes a few minutes to actually process the image and remove it. So if you open a thread immediately after receiving a notification, you might accidentally see the image before the filter can remove it.

Safe DM offers an extra layer of protection for your private Twitter messages, so you can use your account without worrying about unwanted images. However, if you ever want to remove a filter from your account, you can simply go to Settings Content Settings App Access DM Filter Revoke Access.

How to Protect and Filter your Twitter DMs

How does it compare with Twitter’s built-in quality filter?

Twitter also offers a little built-in protection for its users, and you can enable a quality filter for it to take effect. It hides incoming user flows and instead shows them in the Message Requests section. You can then accept or reject the message, but you may still see the unwanted image. In my experience, the Quality Filter does not work reliably and sometimes you can still see the images in the chain. Having said that, you should still enable it to add a layer of protection.

How to Protect and Filter your Twitter DMs

It was a quick way to protect your Twitter account from random strangers filling your private messages with NSFW images. The filter works like a charm, and although the developers say it works 99% of the time. This extra layer of protection will undoubtedly allow you to do much more on Twitter. What do you think of this filter, let me know in the comments below, or contact me on Twitter if you have any questions?

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